miR2Disease , a manually curated database, aims at providing a comprehensive resource of miRNA deregulation in various human diseases. Each entry in the miR2Disease contains detailed information on a miRNA-disease relationship, including miRNA ID, disease name, a brief description of the miRNA-disease relationship, miRNA expression pattern in the disease state, detection method for miRNA expression, experimentally verified miRNA target gene(s), and literature reference .

  • All entries can be retrieved by miRNA ID, disease name or target gene.
  • miR2Disease will be updated bimonthly.
  • miR2Disease sincerely looks forward to recently established relationship between miRNA and human diseases to be submitted.

Tuesday, May.21, 2024



Number of miRNAs: 349
Number of diseases: 163

Number of entries: 3273


Creation Date: Apr.2, 2008


  miRNAMap 2.0
  If you make use of the information in miR2Disease, please cite the following reference: Jiang Q., Wang Y., Hao Y., Juan L., Teng M., Zhang X., Li M., Wang G., Liu Y., (2009) miR2Disease: a manually curated database for microRNA deregulation in human disease. Nucleic Acids Res 37:D98-104.
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